Reimagine podcast – episode 4 out now

reimagine_instagram_post_05It’s dropped:

In this episode we’re asking: is big business ready to be part of the solution when it comes to climate change – rather than part of the problem? Cameron Hepburn and Paul Polman are guests. Both are terrific. Cameron is an informed optimist who believes we can dig ourselves out of the hole we’ve made in the planet. Paul became an iconic CEO when he put sustainability at the heart of Unilever’s business during his decade at the helm. It’s the kind of tale that gives you faith we may not all be going to hell in a handcart. Produced by me, host is Peter Drobac. New episodes every Thursday. Listen, review, subscribe!

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Reimagine podcast: Episode 2, rebel economics with Kate Raworth


In the days before the lockdown, when guests could be recorded in an actual studio… here’s Reimagine podcast host Peter Drobac with the rather brilliant “renegade economist” Kate Raworth. How can we reimagine economics to create more prosperity for more people, while protecting the only planet we’ve got? Kate has a plan, and it’s shaped like a doughnut. Find out about her vision in Episode 2:

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Reimagine podcast, episode 1: Covid-19, the long view with Dr Paul Farmer

OSBS_reimagine_episode_01The world’s foremost public health hero (and all round brilliant human) Dr Paul Farmer shares his insight into what past epidemics can teach us about the coronavirus, and looks ahead to how this pandemic might define us. Available now wherever you get your podcasts!

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We’re live: Reimagine podcast launches

00_reimagine_cover_artworkDo you want to see thing differently? Subscribe to Reimagine wherever you get your podcasts and meet the visionaries, the disruptors, the world’s problem-solvers, who are fixing the bits of our world that are broken. Presented by Peter Drobac, produced by me.

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Making podcasts in corona world

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 18.02.13

Here we are in our new reality, making a podcast about the coronavirus. Our guest Dr Paul Farmer, one of the world’s great public health heroes, is in the bowels of a church in Boston, Dr Peter Drobac, the host, is in Oxford, while I’m producing via Zoom in Brighton. We started making Reimagine  – a series about people who are inventing the future and finding solutions to global problems – before the pandemic. It feels like a lifetime ago. We’ve had to rip up and re-write and re-record scripts to reflect our new world. But our amazing guests have been brilliant at learning how to record themselves on their smart phones, and podcast host Peter is doing a heroic job learning how to run his new home studio (while simultaneously keeping the world informed about Covid-19). It may not always sound as polished as we’d like, but Reimagine will launch soon – with stories of the world’s most inspiring problem solvers when we need them most. A Stabl production for the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.

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My Name is… Samayya: How Safe Are Our Mosques? BBC Radio 4

SamayyaHere’s Samayya Afzal making her BBC Radio 4 broadcasting debut in a documentary looking at the issue of Mosque safety and Islamophobia in the UK. It was a joy to work with her and producer Mend Mariwany bringing this to the airwaves. Both are two special talents to watch.

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The Purity Spiral, BBC Radio 4…. A Seriously podcast

KnittingGavin Haynes heads into the eye of two unlikely moral storms…. download now as a Seriously podcast or catch up via the Radio 4 website/ BBC Sounds. A Novel Production for BBC Radio 4, co-produced by me.

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